Audi s7 2016 цена

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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Luke Heuser 10 May 2018

Just the best car in the world!

spearPYN 11 May 2018

Audi S7 is the best car on the market for its price. great performance and luxury at the same time.

Alex 16 May 2018

Its like my favorite Audi of all time

Christopher Mondoux 22 May 2018

The A7 is supercharged, not turbocharged.

Airrion Galloway 27 May 2018

The Boise speakers are standard on the A7 the sound like crap. You ll have to spend 5,600 for B&O

SuperGoldnut 30 May 2018

For $1700 the S7 will hang with the RS7. ECU upgrade and down pipes will give the S7 around 567 hp on pump gas. That there will crush more than 3/4 of production vehicles

bababasri3 03 June 2018

geef me een paar jaar en ik rij in een benz of een 4 o

Ryan's Range Report 06 June 2018

Audi A6 has a Supercharged V6 not turbocharged.

chandler sturgis 12 June 2018

V6 is supercharged not turbo bub

اسماعيل الحسن 15 June 2018

I m living in Saudi Arabia the weather is too hot, do you recommend me to get it 👦🏻!

Freddy Perez 17 June 2018

Yes.supercharged. Not turbocharged.

dracolnyte 20 June 2018

2016 A7 still supercharged not turbocharged

afrosheenix 26 June 2018

Most boring cars on the road, you can only tell them apart by how long they are. Nice wheels though.

xXNamharXx 2K18 27 June 2018

Audi stoles Samsung s flagship name

Mrchevy baja 02 July 2018

I would lease the hell out of one of these.

TheMaloney 05 July 2018

If not for the car, I would have thought this was a video from the 90 s.

Dongi 11 July 2018

I would love to be consistent in reviewing all types of cars - the Sienna review yesterday was less than 2 minutes and it was super rushed. A lot more information could have been provided with a similar length video to this car.

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