Chevrolet corvette c6 z06

рейтинг: 4.45 - 35 voice
  • Дата публикации: 03 March 2018
  • Просмотры: 352
  • Длительность: 00:02:54


Kenny Bruder 04 March 2018

There was a ZR1 and a Grand Sport mixed in, but they all sound great.

Chuck Beef 05 March 2018

I would feel like such a badass owning a Z06 in Europe.

Motor Sportz 08 March 2018

Best looking corvette ever. C6 for life

celis281 12 March 2018

Anybody have a idea what year the red vet is @1:15 mark

GregoCatal 17 March 2018

Love the LS7 so much. It is the voice of a pissed off God of War.

ryan stewart 22 March 2018

Imagine how many lives would have been lost that day if it were mustang drivers instead of vette drivers

Era AG 27 March 2018

the yellow one has loma wide body kit and ecs supercharger kit

Tô sem Criatividade 01 April 2018

The ultimate V8, GLORIOUS sounding, great torque, great value, I think is my second love of my life, (Just loosing for Porsche)

Fury Trans Am LS1 06 April 2018

Aint nothing better than an all american v8

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