Dodge viper максимальная скорость

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  • Дата публикации: 04 March 2018
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Honda S2000 05 March 2018

THIS is what a US car should be like

When i became the sun.. 10 March 2018

Such a nice looking car.its stance is menacing.especially when you know what a viper stands for.👍✌

Douglas Marcel de Moraes 14 March 2018

A true beast is this car. I m afraid of it

snvff xxx 15 March 2018

280? my stock C7 Stingray does 304 with alot less HP. wtf

Sarada Uchiha 17 March 2018

I was fooled, I thought it was mph initially

Douglas R 22 March 2018

The autobahn is funny viper going 170 passing trucks😂

BirdieVeganMan 25 March 2018

Dodge Viper IS the Ultimate American 🇺🇸 muscle 💪 Car. Go Viper!

Michael K 26 March 2018

I would stroke in this Viper Then I would brand my legs with the exhaust tips After doing V max My real fantasy

Jay 29 March 2018

I love when this car red lines and by far it s the only car I like to see redline

Christian Adrian Ramos Rivas 03 April 2018

Amoo esa bestia. Para mí es el mejor coche

L´A Capone 09 April 2018

That huge spoiler is providing too much downforce which is good for the track

Mena Fode 11 April 2018

S is ridiculous i can see the gass neddle going down what the fuck

Wackedgaming 18 April 2018

Anyone else watching the fuel range slow tick down? or am i just the odd one?

TheMINELL 23 April 2018

Dodge didn t improve consumption, they don t care about that 😀

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