Tom ford venetian bergamot цена

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Nick Steed 08 May 2018

Great review Carlos, this one is such a gem!

eZiO71389 15 May 2018

I got a 100ml for $260 BNIB. I m happy :)

Ben Farrar 18 May 2018

I m sure the price is high because of the price of neroli essential oil.

Alexander Moreira 20 May 2018

I actually really like the Neroli Portofino Acqua. Phenomenal IMHO

Vito Corleone 25 May 2018

on my buy list! great review as always my friend!

Eddie 29 May 2018

i wore this today. i don t see much of a difference in longevity to the original. definitely not worth the price over the original. waste of money imo.

Fiza Aziz 02 June 2018

santal blush. costa azzurra. venitian bergamot.

Aussie Crew 08 June 2018

Nice review. If you had to choose between this and the original which would you go for? Cheers!

A Sally 10 June 2018

Great review. 1. Tuscan Leather 2. Noir de Noir 3. T. V

Godwin Frank 12 June 2018

I love noir de noir. I live in the US. Hope it s not too late.

Fragrance with Steve 17 June 2018

Hahah I like those bloopers. I feel you 😊 About the scent, does it last well or is it just a name tag? You said it smells more dense but is it performing better as well?

Brian Neal 19 June 2018

You re the only one that I have found that s done a review on this. I just want to thank you for that. I respect your opinion and I like you re reviews with the Fragrance Bro. I ll keep watching.

Rego0912 25 June 2018

Damn, missed the draw. Great review and can t wait to try this one!

akasirro 26 June 2018

Keep up the good work Los! Would love a sample )

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