Джип вранглер рубикон б у цена

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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daniel barrett 10 May 2018

Take a recon and put mall crawler wheels on it wow!

Michael W 17 May 2018

I love your review, but the dealer turned this into a mall crawler. So sad. You, my man, good work.

Shiva Krishna 22 May 2018

Can i bye it in Indian mail me [email protected]

Omar The man 24 May 2018

Im guessing the owner is an older white guy i can feel it hes over 60

Laifer Reyes 28 May 2018

looks like a Dana 60 in the rear

Miguel Nieto Garrrido 03 June 2018

Por eso,la casa jeep es la casa que hace los mejores 4×4 del mundo, y con diferencia.

Miguel Nieto Garrrido 08 June 2018

La casa jeep es la casa de coches con mas talento del mundo

Bria Nicole 13 June 2018

very nice 👍🏽 i’m so excited only 7 days until the new one officially revealed

bongani shawn 18 June 2018

The jeep is excellent The video is also excellent The only part that is shorting is the top description and the inside door description

GiveThx4Him 21 June 2018

Chrome rims completely ruins the look of what could have been a nice Jeep.

Deanna Shoup 26 June 2018

I want this! Where can I buy one?

rai ko 28 June 2018

Hey Mike, what does the car cost me

rai ko 05 July 2018

Hey Mike, was kostet mir das Car

Jose M. Deras 07 July 2018

FANTASTIC looking car! Too bad is not being sold here in Houston, TX

MUDTRAIL 12 July 2018

Jeep is beautiful, but those chrome rims need to go.

Andy Chavarria 14 July 2018

Hey Mike! great videos wondering if you could clear up any misconceptions with the hard top on jeeps, like if you could keep the front two portions of the freedom top and have the back portion off, thanks

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