2017 lexus ls 500

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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Turki Alsul 09 May 2018

Two more cylinders I would buy it

TeamOG 13 May 2018

It looks like a Camry and a Tesla had a baby, but I love it

SL twentyeight 20 May 2018

Hope they fix that infotainment next model

Ron Allen 22 May 2018

You’re putting around a corner and taking about how it attacks

TopGunAce23 28 May 2018

I enjoyed the vid.just not a big fan of the grille, go back to the waterfall design language.flagship with a TT V6? Really? How about an option to have a retooled V8, maybe a V10?

Jacob Bio 29 May 2018

I know Toyota is the cheaper version of Lexus, but the rear looks really close to the Toyota Camry

shahram72 04 June 2018

And another V8 bites the dust. twin turbo V6 no thanks, not at this price point. Lots of luxury cars coming with turbo 4cyl as well and that s a complete joke.

Victor C. 09 June 2018

If their is 350 had this engine it would be a much better car because it’s tooooo slow

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. 10 June 2018

The best thing about this video is the scenery in San Francisco and Marin County. I will not comment on the car.

Knuckles300 12 June 2018

It’s not a executive sedan it’s a sports sedan.

Liam Ivy 15 June 2018

I have the LS430 which you can see on my channel. People still complement me on the car and many mistake it for an S Class Mercede of that era. While the new design is interesting, for me it looks a lot like the Camry. The design lacks that flagship design the big boys should have

ants mirez 19 June 2018

Giant Avalon/Camry looking Lexo, sad times we re in when Infiniti interior and exterior outclasses Lexus

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