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Laura 04 March 2018

Renault CAN CLIP user manual: (excellent write-up incl. all details) I have to say: it s CRACK software & for renault can clip CLONE only

Laura 09 March 2018

CANCLIP 176 for Renault: Success! Hello to all. CLIP V176 is tested successfully! It cannot work with all China clones. Details are listed in Renault CLIP 176 test report:

Laura 16 March 2018

Renault CAN CLIP V176 is coming Link: Testing & will report here

Mo S 17 March 2018

Can i install this one over the old version V168 or do i have to delete the old one first?

Laura 22 March 2018

check DPF content in Renault CAN CLiP look here

LFC Marlu 24 March 2018

Or how to get out of administrator mode

LFC Marlu 27 March 2018

Does anyone know how to add a users name onto the system to be able to get past a diagnostic stage

Laura 28 March 2018

Renault CLIP V174: Confirmed to worked! Test report:

Laura 01 April 2018

Renault CAN CLIP latest version Renault CLIP V174 released on 12/22/2017

Laura 06 April 2018

CANCLIP interface Gold plates pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 details in

Laura 08 April 2018

Renault CLIP V173 Test Report: Yes Renault CLIP V173 confirmed working:

Laura 10 April 2018

Renault CAN CLIP 173 download CLIP 173 download link:

Laura 11 April 2018

Renault CLIP 172 tested successfully Test Report: Tested on 11/14/2017 By professionals Via ( Result: Renault CLIP 172 works good.

Laura 17 April 2018

Renault CAN CLIP lowest price: 27% off look here:

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